All County Picnic

Celebrating community resilience and emergency preparedness

August 16, 2020

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The All County Picnic motivates east Jefferson County residents to develop resiliency through fostering community and raising awareness about local emergency resources. The Picnic is a chance to shake hands with local emergency management, first responders, community leaders and elected officials, eat (free!) corn on the cob with your neighbors and learn about the resources that exist to serve you and your community. Featuring live music, food vendors, group games, information booths, speakers and demonstrations, kids' activities and, yes, free corn on the cob, this celebration is as fun as it is informing.

The All County Picnic is produced in partnership between Local 20/20, Jefferson County's Department of Emergency Management (JCDEM) and The Production Alliance. The JCDEM holds the event out as a model for other EM organizations across the state.

The theme of this year’s Picnic is Health and Wellness. Needless to say, we will be adjusting our event plans to meet the protocols of our time. Stay tuned for updates.

Picnic in Place

The Eighth Annual All County Picnic has been re-envisioned as a countywide CALL to "Picnic in Place" on the 3rd Sunday in August. AUGUST 16TH

Participating neighborhoods will be empowered to coordinate their own creative, spontaneous events and will be supplied with a package of party fixings, educational materials and guidance on how to safely picnic together in these challenging times. All participating neighborhoods will be entered to win a PRIZE.

Incentives to participate:

- Strengthen the bonds of friendship in your neighborhood

- Learn about Best Practices for Neighborhood Preparedness

- Enjoy free corn delivered by Emergency responders

- Compare notes with you neighbors about how resilient you/your household have been in the face of a pandemic - what have you learned or changed about your plans

- Enter into a raffle prize give away

This is a great way to help all neighborhoods experience the power of preparing together! Your neighborhood’s Picnic In Place will make this a truly ALL County Picnic!