Olympic Peninsula Apple & Cider Festival

Celebrating the season and tastes of the region

October 9-11, 2020


Indulge in the taste, smells, and history of the region during the fourth annual Olympic Peninsula Apple & Cider Festival on October 09 - 11, 2020. This years event features a robust combination of local cider and food experiences throughout Jefferson County as well as digital games and a live streamed dance party!

Festivities include Libations Boxes for pick up at local beverage producers, "Harvest Bites” at participating local restaurants, Saturday Night Dance Party in your Living Room with Captain Peacock streamed LIVE at Propolis and the #ImagineApplesChallenge. See details below for all events:

Local Libations Boxes

For this year’s Apple and Cider Festival we will be featuring Fall Libation Boxes from each of our Drink the Dragon partners. Boxes will be available for pick-up at tasting rooms the weekend of the Apple and Cider Festival October 9th-11th. Stay tuned for more information.

Harvest Bites

We are asking our culinary community to offer 1-2 "Harvest Bites" to feature at their businesses during the weekend of October 9th-12th. These "Harvest bites" can be an appetizer or small plate (12.00 or less) and should be Apple or Local Farm focused. Stay tuned for a list of participating businesses.

Imagine Apples Challenge

Win a basket of locally grown abundance by sharing a song, dance, trick, story, sculpture or local food recipe! Simply post your entry on your personal Facebook or Instagram page using #ImagneApplesChallenge. You can also email your entry to info@tpaevents.org. This is an open source invitation to add your own vision, creativity and inspiration to our Fall harvest culture. 

Submissions can include:

  • Videos
  • Photos
  • Poems
  • Written text

What can YOU create with apples?? #ImagineApplesChallenge

Deadline for submissions is 12 noon on Sunday October 11th.

All submissions will be juried by a panel of Cider Festival Producers on Sunday October 11th at 5PM via live stream. The winning submission will receive a basket of local goods and products! YUM!!!

Dance Party in your Living Room

DJ Captain Peacock's famous local Radio show "Dance Party in your Living Room" will be Live streamed at Propolis Brewing on Saturday 10/10 from 8PM - 10PM. The show will also stream live on KPTZ 91.9 FM Port Townsend.

For those unfamiliar with the Captain here is a short intro to his work:

The Captain: bastard love child between a sexy disco platypus and a virile techno mammoth. His spirit was forged of whirling star dust and Timothy Leary quotes, hammered together in the white hot crucible of warehouse raves and seedy underground clubs. Vanity his greatest vice, the strutting Captain Peacock makes his home on Earth, but the siren song of the cosmic sea constantly calls him to voyage the starry beyond. His mission is to help the people of Earth escape the crushing gravity of their situation. 

Disco devotee, and techno aficionado, Cap was weaned on funk, soul, electro and cheese-ball 80's pop and nu-wave. He now exists on a steady diet of psychedelic tech-house bangers, laser lights and strobes, and a dizzying pharmacopeia of illicit delights.

His weekly radio show, "Dance Party in Your Living Room," hearkens back to the golden age of radio, an international audience glued to the magic vibrations every Saturday night. He mumbles and rants incoherently about all the usual new-age BS, whilst exposing the unsuspecting masses to an awesome array of dance-floor bombs and trippy ear-worms. Disco, House, Techno, Electro, some Trap and Drum n' Bass, and the everpresent euphoria of ecstasy influenced bass fizz can all be heard every Saturday night 8-10 pm PST.