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Jim found the old homestead in 1980 when he spotted the orchard in bloom from across the valley in Eaglemount. Since the farm had been abandoned for scores of years, the road had long overgrown. He bushwhacked through the brush and found the old cabin with its roof caved in and foundation rotted away. After buying the property, he brought the old cabin to life again by putting in a new foundation and a new roof from shakes he hewed from old growth cedar logs he found on the homestead. Over many years the farm slowly gained new life. The outbuilding became the winery with its root cellar becoming the underground cellar, which created the perfect environment for aging wines.

In 2006, after many years of making ciders and wines for ourselves and our friends, we decided to start a small artisan winery and cidery at our farm, the original 1883 Homestead Farm on Eaglemount. The 130-year-old heirloom cider orchard was our inspiration. We were continuing the tradition of the original homesteaders by making hard cider from the delicious 22 varieties of apples.