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Wilderbee is a family-run organic farm in Port Townsend offering u-pick lavender, flowers, blueberries, and pumpkins. We also raise honeybees and a conservation flock of rare British Soay sheep for wool. Lavender essential oils distilled and bottled onsite are available at the farm store along with seasonal fruits and unique woodcrafts. The Mead Werks at Wilderbee Farm is a small batch meadery producing and selling handcrafted meads at the farm.


Wilderbee is a small, family-run organic u-pick farm located just four miles from the heart of Port Townsend, WA. The farm is open for visitors May through October. Our u-pick season starts with lavender and flowers in July and ends with pumpkins in October. During summer we distill our lavender for essential oil which we bottle and blend into lotions and balms available at our farm store.

The farm is also home to honeybees, hens, and a rare breed of sheep raised for wool. In 2019 we opened a meadery {The Mead Werks} at the farm; a production barn and tasting room specializing in small-batch, handcrafted traditional and barrel-aged meads. We are committed to stewarding our land organically and aesthetically, and providing healthy habitat for wildlife and pollinators.

We believe in life's simple pleasures and aspire to create such experiences for our visitors. Bring a picnic. Sip some mead. Feed the sheep. Explore our nature trails. Relax and enjoy a day on the farm.


  • U-pick flowers
  • U-pick pumpkins (October 1st)
  • Honey
  • Bottles of mead
  • Lavender essential oils, lotions, balms
  • Woodcrafts for home and garden


  • Farm Store Wednesday - Sunday 12-5pm through October
  • Online through our website for pick up