All County Picnic

Celebrating community resilience and emergency preparedness

Aug 20-Aug 21, 2022


Saturday & Sunday, August 20-21, 2022

As a rural community, our ability to respond to emergencies and recover from disaster is dependent on the networks and relationships we build in advance. Connecting to information and resources before a crisis is key.

The 10th annual All County Picnic invites Jefferson County to strengthen neighborhood networks as part of a community-wide celebration of resilience and emergency preparedness. 

Saturday, August 20 | 11AM - 4PM | HJ Carroll Park's Rotary Pavilion

Preparedness Presentations | Information Booths | Community Point of Distribution

Sunday, August 21 | Picnic in Place | Neighborhood Gatherings

Emergency preparedness in your own backyard.

All County Picnic is a collaborative effort of The Production Alliance, Jefferson County Department of Emergency Management, and Local 20/20’s NPREP Action Group.

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*NOTE: Due to ongoing construction at HJ Carroll Park, this year’s event will include presentations, a limited number of information booths, and “Go Bag” distribution. Carpooling is highly encouraged. The park’s facilities and grounds have much to offer children and youth, however All County Picnic will not include kids activities or live music this year. We appreciate your understanding and partnership. 

Preparedness Presentations

Saturday, August 20 | 11AM - 4PM | HJ Carroll Park

A cornerstone of the All County Picnic is the opportunity for community members to engage leaders from Jefferson County’s network of public health and safety professionals.

11AM - 12PM Local 2020 Neighborhood Preparedness

Not all emergencies Jefferson County may face will be catastrophic disasters but all have the potential to disrupt the transportation routes and supply chains that all residents depend on for food, medical supplies, and more. By embracing the Local 2020’s Neighborhood Preparedness’ mantra – You’re on Your Own (YOYO) – families and neighbors can learn to prepare in advance.

12PM - 1PM JeffCo Department of Emergency Management

Jefferson County Department of Emergency Management works to prepare our communities for hazards and disasters that affect the Olympic Peninsula and our area. But why is preparation so critical and what exactly are we preparing for? Learn more about Jefferson County’s hazard profile and why building resilience in our rural communities is critical to response and recovery.

1PM - 2PM East Jefferson Fire Rescue

Chief Bret Black of East Jefferson Fire Rescue calls residents to take action around wildfire prevention and response. Learn how you can reduce fire risk around your home and neighborhood, and how to keep apprised of instructions for when to shelter in place and when to evacuate.


2PM - 2:30PM JeffCo Sheriff's Office

Sheriff Joe Nole shares updates from his office's efforts to provide effective and efficient law enforcement service, to protect the life and property of the citizens of Jefferson County, and to support residents in emergency situations.

2:30PM - 3PM JeffCo Public Utility District

Jefferson County Public Utility District #1 is a critical partner in emergency operations, maintaining and repairing infrastructure and utilities critical to public health and safety including, electric, water, septic, and telecommunications.

3PM - 4PM Emergency Communications

KPTZ 91.9FM and KROH 91.1FM, in partnership with the JeffCo Emergency Operations Center, ensures that vital information reaches the public in emergency situations in the event of traditional forms of communication failure. 

Go Bags & Corn on the Cob

Community Point of Distribution

Saturday, August 20 | 11AM - 4PM | HJ Carroll Park
Pre-registration for Go Bags and Corn on the Cob has closed. A limited number of bags will be available first come, first served on Saturday, Aug. 20, at HJ Carroll Park.

Community Points of Distribution (CPODs) are sites where the public can pick-up life-sustaining emergency relief supplies following a disaster, and may also be utilized as a communications hub. 

In 2020, All County Picnic began incorporating CPOD Training Exercises into our annual tradition of distributing free corn on the cob to picnickers. This practice has become a playful and practical way for residents to identify and travel to the nearest CPOD to receive critical information along with “emergency” rations of delicious, sweet corn.

Go Bags include:

  • Two ears of corn on the cob
  • “Picnic in Place” supplies
  • Critical health and safety information

Picnic in Place

Neighborhood Gatherings

Preparedness planning doesn’t have to be cumbersome or intimidating, and what better way to put these philosophies into practice than with a neighborhood picnic or block party? Summertime is a perfect time to revisit time-honored traditions that bring together all-ages, encourage relationship building, and create joy! 

TPA’s Guide to Picnic Planning

Sanitation & Safety

Careful planning of food and beverage distribution is also key. Communal potluck tables should feature items in single-serving recyclable, reusable or compostable containers to reduce the spread of germs. Reusable containers can be deposited in a sanitizing solution of bleach and water. Here are a few fun ideas to consider:

  • Corn on the Cob
  • Roasted meat and vegetable skewers
  • Individual jam jars or other reusable containers with fruits, vegetables, crackers, cheeses, and more
  • Cold treats like homemade popsicles or ice cream bars for easy grab-n-go

Events & Activities for All-Ages

Here are just a few ideas for your neighborhood picnic:

  • Walking and biking tours 
  • Garden tours
  • Scavenger hunts 
  • Lawn games
  • Live music or performances by local artists
  • Buy nothing booths for swapping household goods, tools, and toys
  • Work Parties with many hands making light work of a neighborhood clean-up or beautification project
  • Outdoor movie night
  • Flashlight tag

Plan, Prepare, Practice 

While neighbors are gathered it’s a great time to review the skills and resources that individuals and households have to share.

  • In the event of a medical emergency, who has response training?
  • In the event of a utility outage, who has:
  • a generator, propane or woodstove heating and cooking?
  • equipment water filtration systems or clean water storage?
  • In the event of an evacuation how many individuals live in each household including pets?
  • Are there individuals with limited mobility or families with young children who may need assistance?
  • Does your household have a “Go Bag” and a plan for reconnecting if separated?

All of these questions and more are prime opportunities for preparedness discussions. The more we know about our own capabilities and needs, and that of our neighbors, in advance of a crisis, the better we are able to respond efficiently and effectively.



The ability to deal with a crisis is largely dependent on the relationships and systems developed before an emergency. Local 20/20’s Neighborhood Preparedness Action Group (NPREP) helps organize neighborhoods and connects them to training and resources offered by the Department of Emergency Management. 

If you don’t know if your neighborhood is organized through NPREP, you can use the map found at or email [email protected] and include your address or general location. 


Information directly related to public safety including earthquakes, tsunamis, blocked roadways, or other hazardous conditions that could impact public safety and area traffic will be sent out via Nixle. You can receive public safety messages from the Department of Emergency Management via Nixle by texting jeffcodem to 888777.

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