All County Picnic

Celebrating community resilience and emergency preparedness

Aug 21-Aug 22, 2021

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The 9th annual All County Picnic (ACP) invites East Jefferson County to strengthen neighborhood networks as part of a community-wide celebration of resilience and emergency preparedness. This year’s event will take place Aug. 21-22 and features both in-person and digital events, including:

  • Stories of Resilience | Digital Event | August 2021
  • Community Point of Distributions | In-Person Training | Saturday, August 21
  • All County “Picnic in Place” | Neighborhood Gatherings | Sunday, August 22

The All County Picnic is a collaborative effort of The Production Alliance (TPA), Jefferson County Department of Emergency Management, and Local 20/20’s NPREP Action Group.

Picnic in Place

 All County “Picnic in Place” Neighborhood Gatherings

20 unique neighborhood's have signed up to "Picnic in Place" on Sunday, Aug. 22, and TPA will be distributing 500 Go Bags & Corn on the Cob! 

In the News:

"Neighborhood picnics cultivate our preparedness through play"

"All County ‘Picnic in Place’ returns in August"

Stories of Resilence

Stories of Resilience

All County Picnic in partnership with the Jefferson County Department of Emergency Management and Local 20/20’s Neighborhood Preparedness group strive to share best practices and examples from experienced neighborhood networks with those newly forming. Here is an example of practices in place in the Bluff Neighborhood in Port Townsend, WA.

Visit to learn if you live in an NPREP trained neighborhood.

Bluff Neighborhood Preparedness with Linda Gaede & Chris McCormick

Bluff Neighborhood Preparedness with Richard Talbot


On Saturday, Aug. 21, community volunteers gathered to participate in a CPOD training exercise at Blue Heron Middle School in Port Townsend, WA.

Event coordinators and volunteers assembled and distributed 500 FREE “Go Bags” with corn on the cob (an All County Picnic tradition), “Picnic in Place” supplies, and critical information from local public health and safety agencies.

Community Points of Distribution

Community Points of Distribution (CPODs) are sites where the public can pick-up life-sustaining emergency relief supplies following a disaster. CPOD sites are activated in the event that retail establishments close and the public cannot access basic commodities such as shelf-stable meals, water, medical supplies, etc. CPODs may also be utilized as emergency evacuation points or for sheltering in place. Familiarity with site locations and how to utilize the resources available at CPODs is critical in the event of an emergency.





The ability to deal with a crisis is largely dependent on the structures and relationships developed before an emergency. Local 20/20’s Neighborhood Preparedness Action Group (NPREP) helps organize neighborhoods and connects them to training and resources offered by the Department of Emergency Management. 

If you don’t know if your neighborhood is organized through NPREP, you can use the map found at or email [email protected] and include your address or general location. 

All County Picnic is a collaborative effort of The Production Alliance, Jefferson County Department of Emergency Management, and Local 20/20’s NPREP Action Group.